Woman Shares Screenshots Of Toxic Messages From Guy Who Can’t Handle Rejection

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Sep 2021 10:50
Woman Shares Screenshots Of Toxic Messages From Guy Who Can't Handle Rejection@haleyhydee/TikTok

A woman has shared screenshots of toxic messages sent by a guy seemingly incapable of handling romantic rejection.

After what sounds like the date from hell, TikToker @haleyhydee received a good morning text message, and quickly let the sender – known only as ‘Trace’ – know that she wasn’t interested, having felt that she had been ‘disrespected the whole time’.


After he asked why exactly that was, Haley let him know that his ‘super misogynistic’ behaviour towards her hadn’t been okay. Although she acknowledged Trace hadn’t been acting this way deliberately, she emphasised that it wasn’t ‘funny or charming anymore and hadn’t been for a long time’.

Check it out below:


At this point Trace was still confused about where he’d gone wrong, asking her what exactly the term ‘misogynistic’ meant. After she asked him to look it up, Trace’s whole demeanour changed, sneering that she ‘used big words for being a barista’.


In response, Haley explained that this was ‘exactly’ why she had been put off him in the first place, advising:

You can’t expect to get anywhere with a girl if you’re going to talk down to them.

However, Trace was not willing to take this valuable criticism onboard, bragging that as he wasn’t the one ‘missing out’ he was ‘good with it’.

When Haley wished him good luck on his ‘third first date’, Trace became increasingly insulting, declaring that he hoped ‘the next looks as good as the pics and has a personality’.

Misogynist date (@haleyhydee/TikTok)@haleyhydee/TikTok

It soon became abundantly clear that Haley had made absolutely the right call to dodge a second date, with Trace responding to the rejection with an onslaught of further insults.

Despite not being familiar with the term ‘misogynistic’, Trace inadvertently gave some textbook examples of this sort of nasty behaviour, telling Haley that ‘woman [sic] do need to know their role though’.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time Trace had spoken down to a girl he was apparently into. This apparently became clear during their disastrous first date, when Trace told Haley that his last date hadn’t worked out after he referred to the girl as an ‘airhead’.


Please, in a world where there is already so much dating awkwardness to contend with, don’t be a Trace.

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