Woman Slid Into Michael B. Jordan’s DMs And It Actually Worked

by : Tim Horner on : 02 May 2018 21:51
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With all these Hollywood-based superheroes flying around, blowing stuff up and generally saving the world right now, it seems time a real-life superhero should enter the stage of the non-cinematic existence we all inhabit.

In what realm would most of us want a little boost of inspiration and courage – chatting someone up of course.


Since mobile phones have been around, the game of asking your crush out seems like such a gruelling task.

Gone is our face time, replaced by FaceTime, yet one Pennsylvania student gives us hope when our inboxes are bereft of meaningful messages.

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Nah I’m just feelin’ it… #blackpanther

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Sylvia Wilson was just like any another 21-year-old Temple University student, then suddenly, she made a shocking discovery.


She heard Michael B Jordan, yes, Michael B Jordan of being a relatable not hatable comic-book baddy Killmonger in Black Panther, was filming on her school’s campus.

What would you do? Have a cheeky peek from the other side of the cafeteria? Dream your way through your lectures.

Hell no, not Sylvia.


Sylvia started a joke how she was going send Michael a DM for a pic. And we all know how good jokes roll.

She only bloody slid right into his Instagram inbox and asked to take him out for a smoothie.

(Spoiler alert: this is the magic to hooking up. You don’t ask, you don’t get.)

And boom, check this crazy madness out. He said yes:


Sylvia told BuzzFeed:

It was hot, and I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to ask to buy him a drink, so I opted for a smoothie.

Ever the gentleman, Michael didn’t even require the smoothie. He just straight up played it cool with a little back and forth on the messages and after a brief ‘struggle’ with security, picked up Sylvia and her friends.


What a guy! What a girl!

Sylvia shared what we all want to know about one of Hollywood’s biggest names of the moment:

He smelled like Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works but better.

At the time of writing, Sylvia’s smashed past the 120k likes mark, and has inspired the Twitter-sphere to bite the bullet and get sliding into more DMs.

This one sums up the situation perfectly:


Michael’s got a bit of form when it comes to setting Twitter alight – in February, a suggestive conversation took place between Michael and Black Panther co-star Lupita Nyong’o.

It all started when Nyong’o shared a video on Twitter of herself running into Jordan’s dressing room on the chat show, The View.

Apparently, Jordan had lost a bet to the actress on the set of Black Panther and his punishment was to do an ‘on call pushup’ anytime Nyong’o demanded it.

Check this out:

As Nyong’o tells him to ‘stay down’, the two burst into fits of giggles and naturally Twitter decided to start reading into this.

Already excited, fans were floored though when Michael replied to the video with a now-deleted tweet which read:

Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2? #youknowyouwantthis

Blimey. Getting hot under the collar here.

The tweet, being quickly deleted, set the rumour mill explosive.

Right. Time to put down my tools and get my Insta-sliding skates on. There’s bound to be someone famous and game kicking around the Manchester streets tonight.

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