Woman Smashes Laptop Over Boyfriend’s Head After He Looked At Another Woman On Plane

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Jul 2019 11:25
Woman Smashes Laptop Over Boyfriend's Head After He Looked At Another Woman On Plane@juliascorupco/Twitter

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a woman smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head after he ‘looked at another woman’.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media after getting posted yesterday (July 22), shows horrified passengers looking on as the argument escalates between the couple and several profanities are thrown around.


As the woman becomes more and more aggressive, flight attendants and fellow passengers attempt to intervene to no avail, eventually resulting in her boyfriend walking off the plane in an attempt to get away from her.

You can watch the footage below:


The unknown woman begins her tirade by shouting at her boyfriend – later identified as Memo – to ‘shut the fuck up,’ before asking: ‘you wanna fucking try to look at other women?’


Both Memo and the woman initially remain hidden by the row in front, the two men on which less-than-subtly listen in to the argument as it progresses, while attempting (and failing) to remain poker-faced at all times.

As the woman’s language gets progressively worse, referring to her boyfriend as a ‘n*****’ at multiple points in the altercation, flight attendants attempt to intervene as bewildered passengers look to them to do something.

When one flight attendant points out there is a child sat right behind the woman, she responds: ‘yeah I know, I fucking consoled the fucking child’.

Woman assaults boyfriend@juliascorupco/Twitter

Then, as the flight attendant tells the woman her language and behaviour are not acceptable, she attempts to put the blame back on her boyfriend, saying: ‘he’s the fucking problem!’

She continues to shout aggressively at her partner before one passenger says in confusion: ‘just take her off the plane’. One flight attendant does then tell the woman to bring her bags to the front of the plane, only for her to threaten Memo that if she does take her bags and he doesn’t follow, he’ll never see her again.

After he tells her ‘that’s fine’ and says she is ‘going out of control’ – all the time remaining calm and speaking in a low voice – the woman appears to hit the man as a slap can be heard and several of the passengers gasp in shock.

The flight attendants then decide enough is enough, asking the boyfriend to come to the front of the plane to get away from her. He then gets up and heads in that direction, much to the disdain of the woman.

Woman assaults boyfriend@juliascorupco/Twitter

As he follows the attendants, he shouts: ‘you’re assaulting me,’ to which the woman responds: ‘I’ve known you for years, I’m assaulting you?!’ – before smashing him over the head with her laptop.

The woman then follows him down the aisle, shoving him and hitting him on the back of his head before a member of staff tells her she’s going to be charged with assault.

The video, which has since been retweeted more than 26k times on Twitter, ends with the woman saying ‘fine whatever’ as she attempts to follow Memo off the plane.


Julia Scorupco, the woman who shared the video on social media, confirmed the woman had since been arrested.

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Julia Scorupco/Twitter
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