Woman Spots ‘Gollum-Like’ Creature Emerging From Woods

by : UNILAD on : 04 Aug 2018 19:36
Video captures Gollum creatureVideo captures Gollum creatureNewsflare

Weird footage has emerged of a mysterious white creature stalking a moose at the edge of a forest in Quebec, Canada.


The creepy clip filmed on July 29 shows a creature lurking at the side of the road watching a moose who was grazing in the grass.

Audrée Fréchette, who filmed the video, said she was on vacation with friends in Canada on the edge of the road she saw a moose. They stopped the car to watch and film it. The next day, upon second-viewing, she noticed something was off about the clip.

There was some strange white-thing in the background.


She recalled:

I do not pretend to know the nature of the phenomenon but the way of having the thing move, especially in the first seconds, gives me a strange impression.

Not much more is known about the video or if the figure has been spotted again, or if it was all just a social experiment bro.

Ever the optimist, I’m gonna go and say it’s real. That being said, who or what the hell is it?

Here’s my pick:

GollumGollumNew Line Cinema


So the obvious go-to is Gollum, the fictional Stoor Hobbit from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium.


The body language is the same – there’s that. But at the same time, you know, Gollum isn’t real. At least I hope he isn’t. Get me Andy Serkis on the blower.

Jason StathamJason StathamGetty

Jason Statham

Could this pale hairless enigma actually be professional bald person and British hardman Jason Statham?

Does waking up to the beguiling Rosie Huntington-Whiteley every morning become so unbearably lovely that he’s forced to humble himself by going into the Canadian outback and pretend to be a naked mole rat around moose? I’m just asking questions!

Bruce WillisBruce WillisGetty

Bruce Willis

Another baldilocks, another hardman. But did any of you see just how bad he got done at his Comedy Central Roast?

Forget strange kinks and hobbies, this could well be Willis’ life now.

Harry HillHarry HillPA

Harry Hill


Give me a concrete reason why this couldn’t be Harry Hill.

Patrick StewartPatrick StewartGetty

Patrick Stewart

Although it pains me to say it as someone who hails from the same postcode as the Star Trek legend, Patrick Stewart talks like somebody who lives in the woods of Canada completely starkers. And he’d make a convincing case for doing so.

Willem DafoeWillem DafoePA

Willem Dafoe

Still blessed with a full head of hair but come on… look at a picture of Dafoe smiling and see if you’re not in therapy by the end of the week.



It’s Moby, isn’t it?

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