Woman Spots Waiter Stealing Money After Looking At Baby Shower Photos

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Woman Spots Waiter Stealing Money After Looking At Baby Shower PhotosTikTok

A TikToker used her detective skills and the ‘live photo’ feature on her phone to solve the mystery of some missing money which was apparently stolen from her sister’s baby shower. 

The TikTok user, named Mariam, created a Sherlock Holmes story for the 21st century as she told her followers that the money went missing during the family celebration two and a half years ago.


The party appears to have taken place at a venue where staff dressed in white shirts and waistcoats waited on the guests while they sat at tables around the room.

TikTok user claims to see waiter stealing money in photoTikTok

To celebrate the new arrival, guests brought gifts as an offering to Mariam’s sister, many of which consisted of gift cards.

In her video, Mariam explained that at the end of the party the family ‘noticed a lot of gift cards were missing money’, so the TikTok user decided to do some digging to see if she could find out what had happened.


Using photos from the event as evidence, she began swiping through the images to look for signs of foul play – or, as she put it, ‘anything sus’. While at first everything seemed innocent, the ‘live photo’ feature on her phone soon revealed some interesting details.

TikTok user claims to see waiter stealing money in photoTikTok

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The feature, which is included on iPhones, records the scene 1.5 seconds before and after the user takes a picture, turning it into a mini video to allow the viewer to choose a new frame, add effects or turn it into a GIF.

While inspecting one particular photo of a family member holding a child, Mariam honed in on the wait staff in the background and appeared to spot one of them grab something off a nearby table before concealing it behind a tray.


It’s unclear what the worker was picking up, though it’s possible it was an envelope or card from the gift table. The TikTok video implies the waiter was responsible for the lost money as Mariam wrote: ‘Thank God for live photos..’

TikTok user claims to see waiter stealing money in photoTikTok

The video has garnered millions of views on TikTok, and while some viewers claim to have seen the theft take place, others weren’t convinced. One person responded: ‘What? This doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Were the waiters allowed to accept tips? Also you can’t even tell if it’s money in her hand.’

In a later update, Mariam said that her sister and her husband returned to the venue after finding the evidence and managed to get the money back.


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