Woman Stranded For Three Days Gives Birth, Fights Bees And Starts Forest Fire



This is some story!

35 year old Amber Pangborn was on her way to visit her parents when she took the back roads through California’s Plumas National Forest. At 9 months pregnant, this probably Amber’s wisest of choices, and the inevitable happened.

Amber went into labour miles from civilisation.


She did what she had to do, and laid a sleeping bag out on the back seat, lay on it, and gave birth to her daughter. Hardcore. None of this gas and air lark!

It got worse for Amber though, as the smell of the birth attracted a swarm of bees, that stung her as she protected her newborn.

Stranded, and not in the best of states, Amber started a fire to signal for help, using a can of hair spray. Thing is, she started a forest fire.

It never rains…

Thankfully, Amber was rescued by the U.S. Forest Service, three days after originally getting stranded, and both her and her baby are fine.


Pregnant ladies take note, and don’t drive into remote and unknown areas by yourself. Even if you are as hard as nails, like Amber Pangborn.