Woman Stuns Internet With Eyebrows Which Cover Entire Forehead

Huge eyebrows go viralCEN/Anzhelika Protodyakonova

You thought Martin Scorsese had thick eyebrows? Or Eugene Levy? They’re nothing compared to this woman’s. These bad boys are mahoosive. 


Fashion blogger Anzhelika Protodyakonova has always been into well-endowed brows, but never really thought to show them off anywhere. This was just who she was.

It’s only when someone took a snap for social media that Anzhelika blew up.

Huge eyebrows go viralCEN/Anzhelika Protodyakonova

The 21-year-old was at first embarrassed by the spread of her eyebrows but soon lapped it up, making the pair bigger and bigger. She claims the app Angry Birds is the inspiration behind the look.

Today, she boasts a huge following and makes money through advertising on her accounts.

She has over 90,000 followers on Instagram alone, the Mirror reports, so yeah – Anzhelika is ballin’.

I can drink to that. As for other trends… not so much. Take the ‘halo brows’ for example.


Beauty blogger Hannah Lyne, who seems to have invented this questionable look, wrote on Instagram:

HALO BROW lollll so me and @daisyamalie were talking about the fishtail brow trend & then we came up with this. @sleekmakeup vitality foundation in 04, and solstice highlight palette, @sosu_bysuzannejackson Primark Dubai lashes, @nyxcosmetics tame and frame brow pomade, espresso.

Hannah also came up with something called the ‘triple brow’ – because one on each side isn’t enough apparently.

The strange brow trends don’t end there, with each new season, some millennial blogger finds a way to alter your eyebrows for the occasion.


2017 also served up Nike ‘swoosh brows’. Makeup artist Huda Kattan, who boasts a staggering 22 million Instagram followers, shared a snap of the brows, effectively ruining 2017.

She wrote:

I really REALLY want to encourage you guys to start your makeup page if it’s been something you’ve been wanting to do, even if you just wanna do it for fun.

I know it can be intimidating but honestly I’m so glad I made the decision to start my own.

You don’t “have to have” anything to start. You don’t have to have a lot of makeup or camera or even that much skill.

Don’t even get me started on the McDonald’s brow…

McDonald’s brows’ are achieved when the fashionista makes their existing brows invisible using powder and concealer, then painting on faux brows as high as possible to mirror the iconic golden arches.

Something about the McDonald’s brows seems just that little bit worse to me, compared with the Nike ones from last year. Though they’re both abominations, McDonald’s brows seem extra capitalistic.

Here’s hoping by the end of the year it’ll still be acceptable to have normal eyebrows.

Could just be me being boring, though. I realise what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s ‘unfashionable’ is subjective, and each to their own and whatever floats your boat and takes all sorts and all the rest of it. I’m aware of that.

We all fall into fashion pitfalls now and then. If making your eyebrows into ticks, corporate fast-food chain emblems or just larger than life, that’s your prerogative. Knock ’em dead for all I care.

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