Woman Tells Ex-Lover She Had Abortion, Sells The Baby For £100

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Ice cold.

A woman in Perthshire told her ex-lover that she’d had an abortion, but she actually sold her baby to her best friend, allegedly for £100.

Vicki Gilmore told Steven North she would abort the baby, but he found out the truth and after a three-year battle he now has custody of his daughter.

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Now Gilmore and Chris Yates, who bought the baby, have been jailed.

Steven told The Sun:

It’s pure evil. The whole thing was a sick pantomime. Neither showed any remorse.

My daughter is traumatised by being pushed from pillar to post. We’ve been trying to pick up the pieces.

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The truth came out when a mutual friend saw the birth certificate and saw Gilmore’s name on it.

You can run, but you can’t hide from the truth.