Woman Tweets Tour Of Creepy House And It’s Absolutely Terrifying


This woman ended up going on tour around this creepy house and what she discovered is freaky AF. 

If you’ve entered that ‘uber-adult’ realm of house hunting, then you’ll know it can be pretty tricky tracking down your perfect home.

You can never be sure what surprises – or indeed horrors – are laying in wait for you, as you nosey around someone else’s home – that’s if it isn’t already abandoned, but I don’t think this woman was quite expecting what she found.

Here’s how the nightmare unfolded:

Scratches on the window? Not OK.

Seems legit.

I wonder how the agent dodged that question…

I can’t believe they stayed as long as they did!

If you asked me to spend a night there, the answer would be a resounding no – not a cat in hell’s chance.

The kind of person that has a secret dungeon or house adorned with scars of failed escape bids is probably not the kind of person you want to be known as.

Just nope, nope, nope. Absolutely not. Terrifying…