Woman Who Had To Be Brought Back To Life After Drowning Explains What It Was Like

by : Julia Banim on : 07 Apr 2021 18:50
Woman Who Drowned When She Was Younger And Had To Be Brought Back To Life Explains What It's Like@Slimkardi/TikTok

A woman who drowned when she was younger before thankfully being brought back to life has opened up about her surreal brush with death.

TikTok user @slimkardi created a video in response to the question, ‘Can anyone who’s not afraid of dying or death please tell me why?’ Her answer was terrifying but brilliant, and in many ways quite soothing for those of us who do fear death.


The TikToker revealed she isn’t afraid to die as she ‘has died before when I was younger’, going on to recall exactly what happened to her.

Check it out:


In a video taken in a parked car, @slimkardi remembered:

I was playing in the pool with my neighbour and we were playing a little bit too rough with each other and I actually drowned in that pool.

I’m still not sure if I was resuscitated or what happened, because obviously I wasn’t coherent, but I can tell you it didn’t hurt.

I was drowning. I was very nervous you know, and I was very afraid and it started to freak me out. But when I inhaled the water I didn’t really feel anything.


She continued:


I just floating towards the bottom, and just like most people say, I saw a very bright light. But my light was filled with images, showed me my past, my future etc.

And I woke up on the side of the pool because I’m assuming someone resuscitated me. Now, not only have I had many encounters with strange, spiritual occurrences, I started to realise, this is why people torture each other. Because death is not painful, but torture is.

The video has been liked over 700,000 times at the time of writing, and many people have expressed that they felt a little more at ease with the idea of death after watching it.

One person commented:

Death sounds peaceful. I’m still afraid of the unknown. But yeah, I’m more scared of the limited time we have on the planet, it stresses me out.


Another said:

You really helped me a lot with this! I think of death every single day and how scared I am of it.

Many of those who’ve reported near death experiences have recounted seeing bright lights and images of their lives flashing before them. Such occurrences usually happen to those who are close to death, or to those who’ve suffered medical emergencies such as heart attacks and traumatic brain injuries.

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