Woman Who Evaded Speeding Ticket By Racing Police Sparks Race Debate

by : Hannah Smith on : 26 Aug 2021 18:49
Woman Who Evaded Speeding Ticket By Racing Police Sparks Race Debate@tanasmith21/TikTok

A TikToker who managed to get out of a speeding ticket by beating a police officer in a race has sparked a conversation about privilege and police brutality.

Tana Smith posted a video of her apparently agreeing to race an officer on foot after she was pulled over for speeding, and seemingly managing to get out of the ticket after winning.


In the clip, which has been viewed almost 13 million times on TikTok, Tana can be seen running away from the police officer, with a caption reading, ‘He said if I could outrun him, he wouldn’t give me a speeding ticket.’

However, not everyone found the incident funny, with one TikToker posting a reaction video in which he compared the treatment of Smith, who is white, to the long history of police violence against Black people.


‘I wish Sandra Bland was given the opportunity to race her murderer. I wish Tamir Rice was given the opportunity to race his murderer,’ @ryryalt said. Bland died in police custody after being arrested by for a traffic violation, while 12-year old Rice was shot dead by police after being seen in a playground with a toy gun.

He continued:

To all the white people, and all the Latinos, in the comments section, going, ‘Why does race have to be brought into everything?’ You know why race is being brought into this? That this white girl gets to run, to see if she gets a ticket, and yet Black parents have to teach their children to keep their hands on the wheel and ‘You need to be afraid for your life’.

We all know, I’m done with playing these games. If you left those messages, you’re a racist, period, point-blank; we’re done having this conversation.


Ry’s post has clearly resonated, with several people leaving comments expressing their own frustrations and anger at the difference in the treatment of white people compared to people of colour by the police.

‘White ppl really don’t realize they live on easy mode. They really don’t get it,’ one person wrote, while another said, ‘If we run, we die. If we don’t run, we die.’

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  1. @Tanasmith21/TikTok

    He said if I could outrun him he wouldn’t give me a speeding ticket