Woman Who Lives In Town Where Everyone Lives In One Building Explains What It’s Like

by : Julia Banim on : 01 May 2021 12:48
Woman Who Lives In Town Where Everyone Lives In One Building Explains What It's Likemessy.nessy/TikTok

You may think you live in a close-knit town with a strong sense of community, but you haven’t seen anything until you check out Whittier, Alaska.

Whittier is a town unlike any other. Located around 60 miles southeast of Anchorage, 80% of Whittier residents actually live under the same roof; a 14-storey building that also houses a health clinic, police station and a convenience store.


It’s difficult for many of us to imagine living in such close quarters day in day out, so many were fascinated when an actual Whittier resident opened up about the unusual set-up at Begich Towers, a former Army barracks that resembles a very large hotel.

Check it out below:


TikToker @messy.nessy, who is currently living at Begich Towers, uploaded a video showing the picturesque, snowy view from her window and gave a little bit of insight into what daily life is like in Whittier.

She revealed:

Inside this building there’s a post office, a church, a store and a building office. In the basement of this building, we have a tunnel that runs from this building to the school across the street. There’s currently 318 people who live here.

In another video, the TikToker answered questions about what residents did for fun, saying Whittier is a ‘really outdoorsy place’ in the summer, when residents head out hiking, jet-skiing and kayaking.


In the winter, it’s a different story, with the TikTok user noting there isn’t a whole lot to do, aside from going skiing about 20 minutes away from Begich Towers.


I meant to say “had” because that building is abandon now ##whittier

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In terms of socialising, she revealed her best friend lives just one floor above her, and that there are around ’20 people around her age’.


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