Woman Whose Frozen Eyelash Selfie Went Viral Is Freaking People Out With Latest Post

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Jul 2018 19:44
Frozen eyelash girl is back with a new selfieFrozen eyelash girl is back with a new selfieanastasiagav/Instagram

Earlier this year, the world was mesmerised by Anastasia Gruzdeva and her frosty eyelashes.


The picture of the young Russian woman wrapped up against the harsh snow, eyelashes frozen completely solid enchanted and amused us in equal doses.

25-year-old Anastasia lives in Yakutsk, in the Russia district of Ust-Maysky.

Here, temperatures can plummet to -60 degrees Celsius (-76 degrees Fahrenheit) during wintertime, making it one of the coldest inhabited places on earth.


Posting a picture of her chilly lashes on Instagram, the wedding shop worker turned viral sensation appeared to be thoroughly tickled as she giggled:

Everything is already in the know that we have here -50? And yes, we get out of the house (have to) and walk the streets, while staying alive even remove the vidosik and sfotkatsya.

She continued:

Two years ago, laying out a similar photo, I could not think that all these two years it will travel the Internet and visit all sorts of public posts.

Now Anastasia – like the sun – has returned with a brand new selfie, which is just as freaky as the first.

Although Yakutsk gets very cold in the winter months, there is a striking contrast in the summer with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) or even higher.

Indeed, it may surprise you to know Anastasia’s village is called Solnechny – which means ‘sunny’.


And there are also challenges when stepping out in the sunshine. Between May and September, locals suffers at the tiny hands (?) of bloodthirsty mosquitoes.

Highlighting the bizarre difference a few short months can make, Anastasia posted a new picture of herself covered with mosquitoes. And if you are in any way squeamish about insects, this will make you itch.

Anastasia reportedly found around 61 mosquitoes on her skin when she was out in the fields.

Speaking with The Siberian Times, Anastasia said:

The picture was made in seconds.

After taking it, I just jumped on the bicycle and rushed away. In fact, you do not feel them so much on your face. More sensitive are the legs, arms and back.

So for a few seconds, I can endure this. Mind you, I have a sudden thought: can they bite me to death?

The keen photographer also spoke out about the unexpected fame her original selfie brought her:

My family make jokes about it time to time, saying something like ‘you’re a star now’.

Of course I didn’t expect anything like that to happen.

Her newfound fans were as equally fascinated by this latest insight into the drastically different seasons of Yakutsk.

One person shuddered:


Oh my God, No! And people complain about mosquitoes in the Coachella Valley! Compared to this pic, so don’t even come close!!! I work for the Mosquito District btw.

Another squealed:

Why are you allowing so many mosquitoes to land on you?? GROSS!

Check out some of the most bizarre weather events below:

The question remains: What strange things will we see on Anastasia Gruzdeva’s face next?

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