Woman With One Arm Reveals How She Plays The Drums

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Sep 2021 17:00
Woman With One Arm Reveals How She Plays The DrumsABSHOW/YouTube

A drummer with one arm has shown the amazing way she’s still able to play.

A video shared on Reddit showed talented musician Abby Caulk demonstrate to people that she doesn’t let her disability stop her from playing the drums, and wowed everyone with her talent.


In the clip, Abby showed how people would expect someone with one arm to play the drums, and showed the type of beat she’d be able to create using her one hand and her foot pedal.

She then proceeded to show people how it sounded if she were to play with two sticks in one hand, and it sounded equally as bad…

Drummer with one arm (ABSHOW/YouTube)ABSHOW/YouTube

Then, Abby uses a Velcro wrap to attach a second drum stick to her arm, allowing her to play like any other able-bodied person (if not better).


Since the video was shared on Reddit a few hours ago, at the time of writing, the impressive clip has generated over 8,000 upvotes along with dozens of comments.

One person wrote, ‘Damn if I had 7 arms I wouldn’t be able to play like that,’ while someone else said, ‘Great inspiration! We need more people like her to show that nothing is impossible. Amazingly talented!’

Another Redditor said, ‘It’s so nice to see her smart efforts. Give us some wonderful tracks, we are waiting so badly. Best drummer ever!’


Someone else commented on the popular video:

It’s incredible that passionate musicians are always able to overcome their disabilities. Like Django Reinhardt, whose hand (and body too) was badly burned and lost control of his two fingers, but still managed to be one of the greatest guitarists. Respect to these people.

Many others said the drummer could probably play a lot better than them, despite having two arms.

Hats off to her for not letting her disability stop her from making music.


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