Woman’s ‘Before And After’ Pictures Break The Internet

@Mandy_Rose99 / Twitter

This girl found the most perfect weight loss solution the Internet has ever seen – and it was instant.

Miranda posted a before and after photo on Twitter showing how she managed to successfully drop 200 lbs.

The legendary Twitter user claimed she was called ‘disgusting last night’, so dropped the dead weight, by cropping out the man in the photo.

The 18-year-old student posted her hilarious ‘before and after’ photo on Sunday and it has since been liked more than 420k times and retweeted 58k times, at the time of writing.

The couple, who had been dating for about five weeks prior to the pic, were having lunch with her parents before they went back to their dorms to get ready for his fraternity formal.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Miranda said:

He said to me, ‘The way you were acting today was disgusting and unattractive’.

About an hour later he called me, yelling at me to apologise for leaving him!

I said, ‘I will not apologise for leaving you after you called me disgusting and unattractive’.

Most people praised Miranda for her confident response to the man.

One user wrote:

I love this! Know your worth! Ps you are stunning,

While another said:

I mean… it’s disgusting how perfect you look. He’s scum if he can’t see that, good for you for knowing your worth!!!

Btw falsies or mascara? Cause I’m jealous of those lashes lol.

There was one commenter however who questioned what it was Miranda did, highlighting the difference between calling someone disgusting and describing their actions in that way.

@kennedybeck wrote:

It’s really funny when no one knows the ACTUAL truth about what happened.

Calling someone’s actions disgusting is not the same as the actual person.

This situation begs the question of what Miranda did?

I mean, there are two sides to every story.