Woman’s Boyfriend Hits Back At People Questioning Their Relationship Because She’s Trans

by : Cameron Frew on : 07 Apr 2021 11:28
Woman's Boyfriend Hits Back At People Questioning Their Relationship Because She's Transjaydemcfarlane/TikTok

A trans TikToker’s boyfriend has called out people for questioning their relationship and accusing her of ‘not telling him’. 

Jayde McFarlane (@jaydemcfarlane) regularly posts videos of her and her boyfriend Tyler (@ty.13.r.lyons), making light of observations around their relationship and generally just being all loved-up.


Unfortunately, the comments under her posts are rife with transphobia, which Jayde often responds to. However, in a recent TikTok, her partner decided to address it.

A recent commenter suggested Jayde was hiding the fact she was trans from Tyler, and that he wouldn’t be interested in continuing the relationship if he knew. In the video, she asks him if he was aware, to which he replies, ‘Yeah I know that you’re a perfect beautiful woman and always have been.’


He continues,’ First off, I want to say trans women are real women. They’re completely valid in their femininity. And the fact that people think that just because someone’s trans and I found out – or anyone found out that their significant other is trans – that [this] would take away or diminish the love they have for them, [it’s] completely disgusting to me.’

Tyler says, ‘People take out their own insecurities and things they’re worried about from their past, and try to apply it to this situation – [it’s] disgusting. Just because you’re unhappy in life doesn’t mean we need to be, too.’


The video, which has been viewed more than 5.8 million times, has received a huge amount of support, with many praising Tyler. ‘His heart is so pure, he said it so perfectly, and people need to take notes on what true love looks like,’ one user wrote.

Another user commented, ‘He said it perfectly, some people need to learn that. And btw, you are BEAUTIFUL. Probably the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen.’ A third wrote, ‘Girl you’ve won at life, you are so beautiful and you deserve the way you are treated by him! You are perfect.’

@jaydemcfarlaneReply to @yourreallifedad3 why are people so worried about trans ppl??like literally worry about getting that bag and go😃##foryou##trans @ty.13.r.lyons♬ original sound – TORI 🐝


Speaking to BuzzFeed, Jayde said, ‘I refuse to let online negativity affect me because it’s always coming from someone who’s uneducated or someone who’s going through a lot and thinks that hating on someone online is going to make them feel better about themselves.’

She added, ‘I usually don’t go through my comments anymore… I won’t feel bad about myself because of what others think. There’s absolutely no point when I could be happy, because what really matters is [what I] think about myself.’

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