Woman’s ‘Eyeball Explodes’ After Being Hit In Face With Golf Ball At Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup injuryPA

A spectator who was struck in the eye by a Brooks Koepka tee shot at the Ryder Cup has said she’s since lost sight in her right eye and is considering legal action.

The injury was sustained on the opening day of the tournament after the American’s drive on the par-four sixth hole veered off track.

It then hit 49-year-old Corine Remande, who had travelled from Egypt with her husband for the the event.

She has since claimed to have lost sight in her right eye.

She said, as per Sky News:

It happened so fast, I didn’t feel any pain when I was hit. I didn’t feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour.

The scan on Friday confirmed a fracture of the right eye-socket and an explosion of the eyeball.

She is now considering legal action to help pay her medical costs, adding:

Quite clearly, there is responsibility on the part of the organisers. Officials did not shout any warning as the player’s ball went into the crowd.

[Doctors] told me I’d lost the sight in my right eye, and this was what was confirmed to me today (Monday).

Ryder Cup injury PA

Remande also slated the Paris tournament organisers ‘not making contact’ after the incident to find out how she was. She also claims there was ‘no warning shout from the course official when the ball was heading towards the crowd.’

Koepka rushed to the Remande’s aid immediately following the incident. Remande admitted to downplaying her pain so that the US golfer wouldn’t be distracted during the game, though she ‘appreciated the gesture’ from him.

He later said:

It looked like it hurt. It’s hard to control a golf ball, especially for 300 yards, and a lot of times the fans are close to the fairway.

You can yell ‘fore’ but it doesn’t matter from 300 yards. You can’t hear it.

Brutal stuff.

She received first aid on the spot before being transferred to a specialist eye hospital in Paris.

She was then driven to her parents’ home in Lyon after doctors advised her not to fly immediately back to Egypt.

‘In the best case scenario,’ her husband said, ‘She may be able to see shapes after the bruising eases in a month or so.’

The governing body of European golf, EPGA, said it will investigate the incident which could ‘take some time.’

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