Woman’s Foot Blister Explodes All Over Passengers During Flight


A radio host has documented the moment a woman’s foot blister burst on board a packed flight, resulting in blood spattering all over other passengers.

South Florida sports radio host Andy Slater posted a multitude of photos and videos showing the aftermath of the popped blister to Twitter, including blood on the surrounding chairs and passenger’s belongings.

Slater was travelling on an American Airlines flight to Miami on Wednesday (September 18) when the incident happened, resulting in emergency services having to meet the plane to speak to those involved.

You can watch the moment a flight attendant explained the next steps to the woman below:

In a Twitter thread, Slater mentioned how blood from the burst blister splattered across the aisle and landed on the two men sitting in front of him.

As well as splattering their bodies, the blood also landed on the plane’s windows and all over one of the men’s books – of which the radio host shared a picture. Blood also managed to cover the armrests of the chairs they were sitting on.

Slater shared a photo of the flip flops the woman was wearing at one point, before noting she was now barefoot. A blanket was also visible in the picture, which the radio host added he hoped would go ‘in the garbage’.

As per MailOnline, Slater shared on his show yesterday (September 19) that the blanket was being used to wrap the woman’s feet in. He also shared that the male passenger continued to read his book after the blood hit it.

A video of the incident showed the moment a flight attendant told the woman and the other two passengers that they had to speak to paramedics from the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department, who had rushed to the aircraft to attend to them.

The flight attendant went on to say that he would have to file a report about the incident, while passengers – including Slater – exit the plane and the radio host films the woman talking to paramedics.

He later confirmed that the flight eventually left for Nashville after its stopover in Miami, although it left 30 minutes later than its intended departure time. ‘Hopefully because of a deep cleaning,’ Slater added.

It’s not known how long the paramedics spoke to the woman and two men, or what action was taken, but hopefully there won’t be any further repercussions from the popped blister.

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