Woman’s Forehead Is Drained After Fillers Get Infected

Viral Press

In case you needed any more reasons not to inject strange substances into your forehead to make it more…squidgy? This video will suppress any surgery desires, forever.

It’s one of the most disgusting videos I have ever watched. It’s hard not to gag as you watch the mushroom cloud of pus and blood ooze from the girl’s hairline.

This woman’s face filler became infected and she had to get it squeezed out of her forehead, leaving a repulsive crater full of regret.

41-year-old Nong Guang looks pretty young as well so I can’t imagine why she would have begun a string of anti-ageing surgeries.

Viral Press

Nong’s dermal fillers, which are supposed to make the forehead firm, became infected and soft so that it could be moved around like plasticine under her skin.

Nong, from Bangkok said to Viral Press:

I had the filler two years ago but then the last three or four days it had started to hurt a lot so I went to see the doctor.

My whole forehead was soft and squidgy when it was touched. The plastic surgery was infected. The doctor said there was a problem with it.

Viral Press

After 10 minutes, all of the beige gunge was removed and her head stitched back up, but it caused her a lot of pain.

The biggest NOPE of the year everyone. Just leave foreheads alone.