Woman’s Innocent Photo Of Red Dress Sparks Furious Debate

by : UNILAD on : 24 May 2018 02:40
Elvira Hancock poses in red dressElvira Hancock poses in red dress@kurlykyy/Twitter

Elvira Hancock, or so she calls herself, is the joint CEO of AktiveFitness – however she went internet famous recently and for one of the most bizarre reasons.


It seems nowadays everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame, somehow or other – although more often than not it’s more of a meagre fifteen seconds.

However, that being said, it isn’t often folks find themselves at the epicentre of a tense debate, while having essentially nothing to do with said debate.

Wasting no more time, take a look at this photo Elvira shared to her Twitter:


So what do you see? Girl in a red dress holding a flower on the sidewalk (it looks like America so go with me). Anything else? Well, you’re clearly not looking close enough. Take another gander…

Still nothing? Well allow me to explain the mass debate we have on our hands here.

Elvira has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter alone so it’s no coincidence the photo itself attracted over 20,000 favourites and 3,000 replies.

But it’s what the replies are about which is the talking point.

Stealing all of the thunder from Elvira’s snap, one Twitter user asked:

Where y’all got gas at for $2.21 a gallon?

Gazing into the distance, a Twitter user by the name of Chidden, looked about 67 metres over Elvira’s left shoulder at a petrol station’s price list, reading $2.21 a gallon.


His peculiar question alone received 186,000 likes, at the time of writing.

And that was it. That was that. That simple question changed everything and what unfolded was a civil war debate and discussion on the price of gasoline in 21st Century America.

Gasoline price viral picGasoline price viral pic@kurlykyy / Twitter

More specifically, the gasoline war of 2018 became a political one about the cost of gas under Obama compared to price of gas under Trump.

The tweets which followed were just pure, surreal, comedy gold!

One fellow wrote:

Used to be SC until last month!

Another added:

Our gas is $3.19 .. consider yourselves lucky.


A third said:

All I’m saying is gas prices were lower when Obama was president.

A fourth replied:

She’s not wrong!

And thus the debate began with another commenter responding:

Yes she is.

The tweets went on and on and on.

Another tweeted:

You evidence literally proves her point it took a step dive in 2014 and is not back on the rise…. bye. [sic]

This is far from over by the way. Strap yourselves in!

The next reply went:

So you just gonna ignore 2010-2014? [sic]

Followed by:

We were just getting out of that recession right? Wasn’t everything high around then?

Who would’ve thought a simple picture like this would get so many people together debating the price of gas.

This Twitter spat could even give Ryan Reynolds a run for his money!

Perhaps Johnnathan summed it up best, with this simple but poignant tweet.

In it, he wrote:

This tweet really brought people from all walks of life together to talk about gas. This is America.

I highly doubt this was what Elvira was expecting when she posted the photo!

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