Women Strip Off At Historic Fountain And The Locals Aren’t Happy

by : UNILAD on : 12 Jul 2016 13:34
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Rome residents are absolutely fuming after three women stripped down to their swimsuits as they cooled off in one of the city’s historic fountains.


The temperatures hit a staggering 32C over the weekend, so they thought there was no better way to cool off then chill in the waters of the 17th century Fontana dell’Acqua, the Daily Mail reports.

Although I doubt they realised how much Romans love this 400-year-old monument, as anyone who gets caught leaping in it faces a fine of up to €200 (£170).


Online magazine Trastevere vented their outrage on Twitter, citing the ‘lack of respect’ by the girls, posting: “It is very hot but the fountain of the Janiculum can not become a pool x tourists Rome deserves more respect!”


The post was retweeted over 300 times and a load of other locals chimed in, with one Twitter user saying: “You should go and do something similar in England or Germany. I’m going to tomorrow in my boxer shorts and swimming cap.”

Another added that tourists shouldn’t behave in such a ‘rude’ manner.


The reaction to all of this seems a tad OTT – I doubt they really had any idea of how their seemingly harmless act could potentially upset so many people.


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