Workers Filmed Pouring Cement Onto Flooded Road After Powerful Storm

by : Saman Javed on : 21 Apr 2021 17:07
Workers Filmed Pouring Cement Onto Flooded Road After Powerful StormIpod Manjasannoi/Facebook/CoconutsBangkok/Twitter

Workers in Bangkok, Thailand have been filmed pouring cement onto a flooded road after a powerful storm.

As per Coconuts Bangkok, members of the crew had been pouring cement on the road before a storm hit, causing flooding deep enough to submerge the workers’ feet in water.


Despite not being able to see the road anymore, they continued to pour down the concrete in the hope that it would still do its job once the water dried up.

‘Look, look, look, this is f*ck*ng genius. Pouring cement into a flood, holy f*ck, I have never seen this!’ a man recording is heard saying as he observes the crew at work.

‘This is the real deal, can this actually work?’, he adds.


The clip, which has since been shared on both Facebook and Twitter, has garnered the attention of social media users who placed their bets on whether the technique could work.

One person who was not convinced and branded it a waste of time and resources wrote, ‘Perhaps we should update the old Thai saying ‘grinding chillies to throw away in the river’ to ‘pouring cement on a flooded road’.’

Another pointed out that it makes more sense to pour the concrete somewhere it will be easier to scrape rather than to allow it to harden inside the concrete mixer. ‘The flood will not stop the concrete mixture from curing,’ they added.

‘That’s because concrete can cure underwater. It obviously will take longer, but it can still do its job. I am only assuming the proper prep work and framing took place before the pour. If so, it will all be just fine,’ a third said.


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    Nothing, just nothing, was going to stop this Bangkok road crew from pouring cement today (Video)