Workers Left Terrified After Being Approached By Friendly Pit Bull

Playful pit bullViralHog

This was the moment workers at a restaurant became paralyzed with fear after they saw a friendly pitbull wander into their building.

Universally, pit bulls have been lumbered with this unfair reputation of being a mean and uncontrollable animal. However, this is usually down to irresponsible owners and negative media coverage. In theory, you could train a chihuahua to be a bloodthirsty canine.

Which brings us to this hilarious clip of these restaurant workers jumping for the rafters when a pit bull walks into their diner looking for a playmate.

The amusing incident took place at in Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rodnia, in Brazil, last week (July 17). Security footage shows staff members going about their everyday tasks. But the uneventful day quickly turns into a circus act when a man on his phone, and holding a drill, spots something at the four-second mark, before hastily making a beeline for the closest door.

His colleague soon realises what has him so shook as he points out to the ‘danger’ and pretty soon all the other staff members are heading for the hills – or in this case the backroom and the counter desk of the reception.

But what has them all running for their lives? Turns out it was a harmless pit bull looking for someone to play with, however, the workers are oblivious to the dog’s good intentions and assume he’s a wild mutt looking for some man flesh. It’s what leads these labourers to lock themselves in other rooms or jump off from the floor like they were playing the lava game.

Playful pit bullViralHog

The good-natured pooch can be seen wagging his tail sniffing around the reception, at one point he goes behind the counter and three of the workers jump on top of the reception desk. Still, the pit bull is none the wiser to their fear and assumes they’re playing with him as he continues to sniff around and wag his tail.

It was as if these fully grown adults were under siege and the pit bull was their tormentor. Eventually, the staff realised the dog posed no threat so they got left from their safe havens.

According to a staff member who shared the video:

The pit bull escaped from a neighbour’s house and wanted to play with our team members who weren’t having it.”

While there are many responsible pit bull owners in the world, unfortunately, there is a minority of owners who train their pit bulls for nefarious and inhumane purposes. Some owners use pit bulls as a status symbol and means of intimidation.

The same can be said for Staffordshire Bull Terriers who have a fearsome reputation (once again due to irresponsible owners). This month MPs rejected calls from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to add them to the list of banned dog breeds in the UK.

The government debated the matter on July 17, following a submitted proposal from PETA to the government’s consultation on the Dangerous Dogs Act, requesting it to add Staffies to the list.

Staffordshire Bull TerrierPixabay

However, a petition was started which gained over 160,000 signatures urging the government to reject PETA’s recommendation.

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