World Record Instagram Egg Posts For Third Time

World Record Egg hatching@world_record_egg/Instagram

It’s one of 2019’s most competitive influencers, forcing even Kylie Jenner to sweat a little under her lip gloss.

Despite not being a human, or indeed any sort of sentient being, the World Record Egg has taken the world by storm, with Instagrammers eagerly awaiting freshly laid updates.

The deceptively simple egg won the prestigious accolade of Instagram’s most liked picture, 30 million compared to Kylie Jenner’s 18 million, without so much as a pout. And its fly-by-the-seat-of-your-egg-cosy journey has become even wilder since.

Fans became egg-cited, enthralled – and a little worried – after the egg’s second post, which showed a little crack in its smooth, oval complexion.

This second picture was produced two weeks after the original, and revealed an im-peck-ably canny grasp on how to build upon a brand. We were no longer merely looking at an egg. We were looking at a cracking egg, splintering with life and possibility.

Now a third, tantalising Instagram post has emerged, showing further cracking; suggesting something – or someone – is being slowly, carefully hatched.

What sort of glossy haired, Coachella-ready beast lurks within its mysterious shell? And is the world even ready to handle the power of the yolk smeared influencer preparing to emerge?

The comment section quickly descended into screams of panic and accusations that the egg is ‘self destructing’ on account of its new celebrity status.

One shook follower remarked:

Somethings happening, maybe a world record chick.

Another suggested:

It’s gonna hatch into another egg.

Unlike say renowned beauty influencer Huda Kattan, we know nothing about this egg. Its passion, history and commitment to worthy causes remain unknown. All we have been led to understand is the egg’s apparently insatiable motivation for world domination.

So, what sort of fame hungry monstrosity can we expect to see plopping into the egg’s sparse Instagram nest within the next few days?

Only time will tell…

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