‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Has Photo Removed From Instagram For Being Too Risque

'Hottest grandma' banned from Twitter.@StrawberrieGina/Twitter

Many of us know our own grandmas as being avid crossword puzzlers who enjoy nothing more in life than to ply you with boiled sweets.

However, one woman bucking the Horlicks and slippers trend is eschewing cardigans in favour of plunging V-necks and skimpy lingerie.

48-year-old Gina Stewart, from Australia’s Gold Coast is a mother of four and a grandmother of one. However, she is clearly not the type to knit bobble hats in front of the Emmerdale omnibus.

Earlier this year, the ‘world’s hottest gran’ shot to fame after getting to the Maxim’s Finest Australia contest finals; rising above women half her age and proving age and grandmotherhood is no barrier to becoming a glamorous influencer.

Gina has often used her substantial social media platform to share risqué pics of herself, often alongside messages about self esteem, body confidence and having a positive mindset.

For example, in one caption she wrote:

Your body can make you sexy, your smile can make you pretty but your personality can make you beautiful.

Fans love Gina’s Instagram feed and sunny disposition. However, she has ruffled a few feathers with a recent pic which was swiftly removed by Instagram.

The post in question showed Gina sitting sideways on a luxurious chair, completely in the nude. Smiling coyly into the camera, her Barbie blonde hair can be seen strategically covering her buxom bosoms.

Although both her nipples are fully covered, Instagram removed the photograph on the basis of it not complying with their guidelines.

Gina has also shared the saucy pic on Twitter, who have so far not taken issue with it, alongside the following quote from burlesque performer Dita Von Teese:

Dita Von Teese said ‘Glamour isn’t about age , shape, size. You don’t have to be pretty to have it, anyone can create it,’#glamour #nude #naked #boudoir #sideboob

worlds hottest grandma instagram banned

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, Gina explained:

Yes, Instagram removed it because it said it did not comply with their guidelines.

But the guidelines say no nipple and nipples were not being shown in the picture, so I have asked Instagram to please re-post it. It’s only a naked side shot and my hair is covering me.

Gina added:

All my photos are tasteful and only implied nudity, Instagram is a place for artistic self-expression and creativity.

Fans have rushed to Gina’s defence following the photographs’s removal; describing her as ‘a queen’ and ‘so beautiful’.

One person tweeted:

What happened to this picture on Instagram? Was it removed? It is a wonderful picture of you!!!

Another said:

Oh my days what a picture you are a stunner can’t believe @instagram banned it. You remind me of fine wine gets better with age.

As reported by The New York Post, Gina has been amazed by the attention she has received since entering the Maxim competition:

My friends are all saying I look the best I’ve ever looked in years. I must admit I never looked after myself but that’s because I didn’t have the knowledge I have today.

Do you think Instagram were right to take Gina’s picture down?

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