Yahoo Made An Absolutely Shocking Typo In A Headline, Forced To Delete


There’s few things more embarrassing than misspelling a word in a finely crafted tweet or Facebook post, but a recent spelling mistake by Yahoo Finance may be the worst typo ever.

Yahoo Finance were tweeting about President-elect Trump’s plans to make the U.S. Navy ‘bigger’, but unfortunately they managed to hit the key opposite ‘B’, making one of the most embarrassing spelling mistakes possible.


I’ll give you a minute to look at what’s next to ‘B’, that’s right it’s ‘N’, so they wrote: N…I…G…G…E… oh I see.

Yahoo Finance quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology but as you’d expect it was too little too late on the Internet and the unfortunate tweet received over 1,000 retweets before they noticed.

Twitter was quick to respond…

We’re betting that was an awkward morning in the office for the social media manager who made that post.

Who knows maybe this was a Freudian ship!