Yale Releases Mega-Database Of Over 170,000 Fantastic Depression-Era Photos


Yale has delved into the Library of Congress archives to digitise a portfolio of photos from depression hit America, and it is wonderful.

Some of the photos are well known and synonymous with the time, but the true beauty of the project is that images relatively unknown to the public have become accessible.

Ranging from 1935 to 1945, the images tell the story of how America rose from its knees after the 1929 Wall Street Crash to play a pivotal role in the Allies WW2 victory.

Here is just a sample.

The University’s Photogrammar database has made a decade’s worth of images available to users through an interesting format.

To help heighten the tale behind each photo, you access images by clicking on a region of the USA and setting a date range.

Yale Photogrammar
Co-director of the project Lauren Tilton has said:

Our project will allow researchers to back-up, or even challenge, previous positions about the archive and the period of history it recorded with direct visual and quantitative evidence, while discovering new patterns that would otherwise be undetectable by simply going through the photographs one by one,”

Well worth a look.