YoU cAn GeT aN ApP tHaT MakEs It EaSiEr To TyPe LiKE ThiS

spongebob Nickelodeon/Twitter

oMGz GuyZ YOu CaN Now GeT aN ApP tHaT MakEs It EasIEr To TyPe LiKE ThiS AnD iT MEAns All yOUR InTERNet DReaMZ JUst cAme TrUE.

Even though my colleague and long-term meme connoisseur requested I continue to write this entire article LikE DiS, for the sake of your eyes and my sanity, I’m going to call curtains on my best SpongeBob impression.

So, here’s the brass tacks.

You can now pay just under one dollar to get your friends to hate talking to you so much they will fully ghost you within the hour and you’ll probably kill all the group chats you’ve been welcomed into on the premise you don’t meme-spam everyone into oblivion.

And you can achieve all that thanks to sPoNGeCaSe.

It’s an app now available to download now from the App Store for $0.99 – or 75p for all of us who are bored in the UK and need a better way to mock Brexiteers.

You can get a whole downloadable version to replace your keyboard, so that’s something.

In case you missed it, the app takes inspiration from one of the multitude of SpongeBob SquarePants memes which have been doing the rounds online almost since the Internet was merely a glint in the eyes of Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf.

But this is no ordinary ‘Nobody Cares’ meme, which I’m pretty sure many of you guys are familiar with, given the state of our Facebook comments.

This is Mocking SpongeBob and he’s here to absolutely destroy any of the musings of you heart you’re prepared to share online.

Known in this incarnation as ‘Mocking SpongeBob’, the setup is simple: reiterate what someone says, BUt TYpe iT LiKE tHiS iNSTeAd just to mess with their heads and give yourself a headache while you’re at it.

Other free alternatives like this web app called the sPoNgEbOb mEmE GeNeRaToR exist, too, and you can just try the old school way like I’ve done throughout this article without realising a free generator exists. ffS.

tHe GrOUp ChAT iS DeD. RiP.

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