You Can Literally Buy These Private Islands For Less Than £250K


Pearl Island 2

Ever fancied buying a private island but not had the money?

Well don’t worry, there’s actually quite a few out there for very reasonable prices, in fact these examples cost less than the average UK house price.

With most houses in Britain going for £250,000 or more, especially in London, living on a private island suddenly seems a lot more achievable, with these for sale at prices as low as £125,170.

From the South Pacific to the coasts of Belize, Alaska and Canada, check out these little beauties:

Aleutkina Island, Alaska, U.S. – £192,132

Aleutkina Island 2

Aleutkina Island

Calf Island, Halifax County, Canada – £138,032

Calf Island 2

Calf Island

Charles Island, Mitchell Bay, Canada – £144,901

Charles Island 2

Charles Island

Deer Bay French River Island, Ontario, Canada – £125,170

Deer Bay French River Island 2

Deer Bay French River Island

Frigate Caye, Belize – £145,555

Frigate Caye 2

Frigate Caye

Motu Matatahi, Tahiti, French Polynesia – £172,406

Motu Matatahi 2

Motu Matatahi

Pearl Island, Killarney, Canada – £146,753

Pearl Island 2

Pearl Island

Tahifehifa Island, Tonga – £239,489

Tahifehifa Island

Tahifehifa Island 2

All images from Private Islands Online, Vladi Private Islands and Sotheby’s.