YouTuber Breaks Down After Being ‘Raped’ On GTA V During Live Stream


We’ve seen some pretty horrible things in 2017, and the internet hasn’t exactly been a safe space for anyone.

Hate campaigns, political turmoil, and a hell of a lot of personal abuse have been rife online this year, and perhaps the epitome of this was the video of the YouTuber who was ‘raped’ on a GTA V livestream.

Brittany, who regularly live streams herself playing video games, was hacked by some rather awful 4chan users while playing Grand Theft Auto V.


The hackers placed characters into the game ignoring Brittany’s pleas not to.

In the video, Brittany became increasingly upset and hysterical, and began to cry as her character in the game was attacked.

This only served to further encourage the menaces to carry on harassing her and bullying her in front of her fans.

In the video, the hackers joke that they didn’t know that ‘she was that popular’ and repeatedly state that they ‘don’t like people like her as you don’t know if they are acting or not’.

While Brittany was obviously not raped, this video constitutes severe online bullying and should be treated as such, with condemnation.

Many people did not see the dark side to the video, however, and proclaimed the footage to be ‘the best thing [they] have ever seen’.

People have also been quick to dismiss the disturbing connotations which arise in the video, which turns rape into a joke and devalues the victimisation of women online.

There is serious speculation, however, about just how authentic Brittany Venti’s online persona is.

On the meme-based website Know Your Meme she is categorised as ‘trollbait’, meaning she knowingly invites hate from internet users with her deliberately provocative behaviour.

She has been banned from the streaming service Twitch on multiple occasions, with some alleging racism and suggestive content.

Despite this, Brittany has decided to try and start an online environment for diverse streamers who can exist without hate and stigmatisation.

On her funding page she writes:

I didn’t want to open a Patreon initially due to the stigma but I decided to for the people that do want to support me and my upcoming ‘Projects’.

I will not offer you special roles in Discord with flashy colors for money (Outside of the patron role), I will not offer you nudes/lewds on my personal snapchat, I will not offer you psuedo e-dates, but I can give you funny content and updates on what content I’m making, and take your feedback into strong consideration and interact with my tribe.

You becoming a patron will help a steadier flow of entertaining content.

Questions about Brittany’s authenticity aside, turning rape into a joke online is never okay and the people behind the video should be ashamed.