YouTuber Sets Crotch On Fire During Live Stream, Receives Second Degree Burns

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 09 Aug 2020 14:58
YouTuber Sets Crotch On Fire During Live Stream, Receives Second Degree BurnsShin Tae II/YouTube

It seems people will do absolutely anything for fame these days. Whether it’s appearing on a reality TV show or, you know, setting your crotch on fire, live on YouTube.

Admittedly, that last one is a little bit niche, but before you think I’m exaggerating, that’s exactly what one YouTuber from Korea did, and the results were just as horrific as you might imagine.


Shin Tae II is a fairly well-known YouTuber from South Korea, who has gained an impressive following by essentially live-streaming himself playing video games.

Check out his most recent (and most dangerous) prank here:

For those of us who aren’t involved in the whole live-streaming gamer-sphere, what I’m about to say sounds pretty mad, but let’s just roll with it.


Tae offered his viewers the chance to come up with a forfeit if he didn’t come first in a game of Fall Guys, earlier this week, August 6. The winning suggestion? Well, if Tae didn’t manage to come first in the video game, he had to set his crotch on fire for five seconds. I’m being deadly serious, and it seems Tae was too.

I think you can probably guess where this is going, but low and behold, Tae did not win his game, and so he was at the mercy of his viewers, alongside some lighter fluid and a match.

Tae stood up in front of his camera, in nothing but a pair of white boxer shorts, and began pouring lighter fluid on his crotch, before setting himself alight and becoming engulfed in an almighty flame. Skip to three hours and 16 minutes into the YouTube video if you want to see it unfold.

YouTuber Sets Crotch On Fire During Live Stream, Receives Second Degree BurnsShin Tae II/YouTube

His viewers were unsurprisingly terrified to see the young YouTuber shriek in pain as the flames spread across his body, and many of them didn’t think for a second that he would actually go through with his forfeit.

Fortunately, the YouTuber lived to tell the tale, and he later revealed on social media he had been forced to go hospital for treatment, where they diagnosed him with second-degree burns.

Obviously, we wish Tae well in his recovery, let’s be serious for a moment. It’s one thing to do something so completely stupid in the comfort of your own home, but it’s another thing to do something so completely stupid in front of many young and impressionable viewers sitting at home.

Lesson learned, folks. Don’t play with fire, don’t play with lighter fluid, or put it on any part of your body, and don’t film it on a live stream.


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