YouTuber Shares Video Of Him Kissing His Sister For ‘A Prank’

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2019 20:01
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People clearly will do anything to have their 15 minutes of fame, including making out with a relative on camera.

Which is exactly what YouTuber Chris Monroe did last month, kissing Kaitlyn O’Connor in a video, a woman he claims to be his half-sister.


On his popular channel PrankInvasion, Chris uploaded a video called ‘Kissing My Actual Sister Prank’ which has at time of writing (April 6) received a whopping 1,384,000 views.


On March 20, Chris shared a photo of himself and his half-sister Kaitlyn on Instagram commenting if it received over 30,000 likes, the pair will kiss on camera.

He wrote:


Had such an amazing time with one of my little sister’s on St. Patrick’s Day! You’re my half-sister but it honestly doesn’t feel like it — so thankful we’ve stayed so close all our lives. Go follow her and show her love!

If this photo gets 30,000 likes…me and my sis will kiss on YouTube!

Later that day the target had been hit, so Chris and Kaitlyn made out on camera.


At the start of the video Chris explains how his channel and social media had been hacked for three months, so now that he’s back he feels he owes his subscribers ‘something big’.


Chris and Kaitlyn then play ‘a quick game for a kiss’, and although she tells him she doesn’t really want to do it, she adds she will help the prankster out as his viewers ‘want to see it’.

Playing a round of rock, paper, scissors, Chris wins and goes straight in for the kiss despite saying ‘this feels awkward’.

Kaitlyn quickly backs out, but Chris does his best to persuade her adding it is a ‘one time life experience, we won’t forget this, it will like bond us’.


Although to me those words are just creepy, Kaitlyn is persuaded and gives him a peck on the lips.

The pair then make out just as an unknown caller rings Chris who frustratingly tells the camera ‘it is like the Earth is trying to make it not happen’.

It doesn’t bother them for long though as they quickly start snogging again, arms wrapped around each other.

You can watch the video here:


It is an uncomfortable watch, and Kaitlyn tells the camera she ‘never wants to do that again’, which is good as I never want to see that again.

Of course the legitimacy of the video is questionable, as many of PrankInvasion’s uploads are staged and we only have his words to go by the woman is his relative.

But even if it is fake, the video is still hella nasty!

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