You’ve Been Boiling Food Wrong Your Whole Life

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 26 Aug 2021 18:14
You've Been Boiling Food Wrong Your Whole Life@sidneyraz/TikTok

Ever thought there was a skill to boiling your food? Thanks to this TikTok, you will now know how to get the job done properly. 

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, apparently we’ve all been doing it completely wrong. If you ever felt confident about boiling your food, then this video will make you doubt your whole life’s existence.


Boiling food is no longer just about sticking the kettle on and splashing some water into the saucepan before turning it on and watching in vain as it proceeds to bubble and leak over.

Fear not, for TikTok – as always – has the answers to all of your culinary questions. This man has showed us the boiling hack we have always needed.

Check out the video below: 



Posted by TikTok user Sidney Raz (@sidneyraz), the video begins with Raz claiming that this cooking trick is something he wishes he ‘knew before [he] was in [his] 30s’.

He then goes on to reveal to followers how you can stop a pot of water on the stove from boiling over.

He demonstrates the magic trick by getting closer to the pan to give TikTok users a closer look of him lying a wooden spoon across the top of it.

Raz stares at the pot, before giving a thumbs up to the camera, noting that to stop the water from bubbling over, it simply requires ‘putting a wooden spoon on it’. Who knew it was all that easy?

@sidneyraz/ TikTok@sidneyraz/ TikTok

The post has since amassed more than 9.5 million views, 1.9 million likes and 14,400 comments, with users flocking to the TikTok in awe of the simplistic, but genius trick. One said, ‘My mom taught me this when I was eight. Most helpful thing ever.’

Another wrote: 

So for everyone who is confused, here is the science behind it: the bubbles are afraid of wood and do their best to stay away. Hope this helped.


A third commented, ‘Wait what? Am I even breathing correctly at this point?’

@sidneyraz/ TikTok@sidneyraz/ TikTok

However, like all good magic tricks, the answer to why this almighty spoon appears to hold such power over the bubbling water has not yet been unveiled.

Raz has since been hailed a sorcerer by his followers and has used his TikTok to share even more culinary hacks, which we never knew until now just how much we needed. Move over Gordon, there’s a new man in town.


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@sidneyraz/ TikTok
  1. @sidneyraz/ TikTok

    it has helped many times #inmy30s #cookingtips