Billie Eilish Stops Show To Help Fan With Asthma Before Appearing To Shade Travis Scott

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Billie Eilish Stops Show To Help Fan With Asthma Before Appearing To Shade Travis Scott
Billie Eilish Stops Show To Help Fan With Asthma Before Appearing To Shade Travis Scott (@wishyouwerebil/Instagram)

Singer Billie Eilish has seemingly thrown shade at fellow performer Travis Scott for the incident that occurred at Astroworld festival.

The 20-year-old performed at Atlanta's State Farm Arena on Saturday, February 5, however, upon spotting a member of the audience struggling, Eilish proceeded to stop the show and get a member of the crew to help.

She then went on to make a comment that some have interpreted as a dig at rapper Travis Scott about how to properly take care of fans.



On Friday, November 5, a crowd surge took place at Scott's Astroworld festival, which took the life of 10 fans. The performer and the festival's crew became the subject of intense criticism after shocking footage from the incident was spread online, including the video of a guest begging a member of staff to stop the performance.

Speaking out in an emotional video, Scott claimed to have not known what was going on. He stated, 'Anytime I can make out anything that’s going on, you know, I stop the show and you know, help them get the help they need. I could just never imagine the severity of the situation.'

By way of contrast, on February 5, upon seeing a fan appearing to have a medical issue, Eilish stopped the concert and asked the audience member if they needed an inhaler, Tone Deaf reports.


After addressing the fan, the 20-year-old then asked a member of her crew and told the crowd, 'Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one? It’s ok you got one, guys, give her some time, don’t crowd.'

However, Eilish then made a comment that some have read as a dig at Scott.

She said, 'I wait for people to be okay before I keep going.'


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Fans have been left divided as to whether the statement was made to throw shade at the rapper. One said, 'Travis Scott should learn something from this.'

Another wrote, 'And this is how you stop a show. This is how you have human decency for someone. This is how you care and show love. Go Billie!'

A third commented, 'I imagine all entertainers will be extra careful now after what happened at Travis Scott concert. But do you think she was doing this or paying attention before? They are entertaining, they can't look all across the stage to make sure everyone is alright.'


Eilish has also recently received praise for opening up about how watching porn at a young age has impacted her sex life.

Her 32-date tour called Happier Than Ever, The World Tour, began on February 3, at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

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