Tom Holland Reveals How His Dog Annoyed Benedict Cumberbatch On Set

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Tom Holland Reveals How His Dog Annoyed Benedict Cumberbatch On Set
Tom Holland Reveals How His Dog Annoyed Benedict Cumberbatch On Set (Alamy)

Tom Holland likes to bring his dog to movie sets. Unfortunately, Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't always a fan.

Holland and Cumberbatch have worked together across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first starring together in Avengers: Infinity War, returning in Endgame and breaking the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

However, they actually appeared on-screen in another film between their superheroic adventures: The Current War, chronicling the 19th-century electricity battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. For one of the actors, shooting was a bit ruff, apparently.



Holland, who played Samuel Insull alongside Cumberbatch's Edison, likes to bring his dog Tessa with him while he's filming in London. Anytime someone brings a dog to work, it's usually the best moment of the day – but not everyone was impressed.

'I was shooting this film called The Current War with Benedict Cumberbatch, which was a very serious movie about the invention of the light bulb,' the Uncharted star said during a recent appearance on The One Show.

'We were shooting this sequence that was supposed to be in a field, but we shot it in a sound stage, and Benedict was supposed to be giving this massive speech. Tessa is so well-behaved, I can have her on set, she doesn't bark, she doesn't make a noise. But, she must have had some hay intolerance, and she was just sneezing and sneezing.'

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Cumberbatch was in the middle of giving a big speech to 'hundreds' of extras, and putting his heart and soul into it. Tessa simply couldn't stop sneezing, and it got the better of the star. 'You could see Benedict trying to stay in character and then, eventually, he was like, 'Can somebody take that dog out, please?'' Holland recalled.

He apologised to Cumberbatch, and obviously everything was okay between the pair – more importantly, Tessa was absolutely 'fine', she was just a bit sneezy.


During a recent conversation with Cumberbatch for Netflix Film Club, Holland revealed how much he hated his co-star during The Power of the Dog. 'For the first time in knowing you, I really hated you. I thought you were horrible and so grotesque and awful,' he said.

'As the film progresses, what I loved about it was that it has these themes of toxic masculinity and gaslighting but it explores the problem rather than the problem just being present. Not that his actions are justified in any way, but you understand why he is the way he is.'

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