Train Station Fight Has Unexpected Turn After Man Saves Opponent's Life

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Train Station Fight Has Unexpected Turn After Man Saves Opponent's Life
Train Station Fight Has Unexpected Turn After Man Saves Opponent's Life (u/vThrowaway/Reddit)

Two men were caught on camera fighting on a platform in a train station which exits at 94 Street, 93 Street and Broadway.

The video was uploaded to Reddit, and shows the men throwing punches at each other, before one misses and ends up in a life-threatening situation.

However, rather than walking away, the other man then makes a choice which causes the 'tables [to] turn'.


Check it out:


The nail-biting footage was posted to Reddit by u/vThrowaway , and was filmed right beside the two men on the subway's platform.

It is unclear as to why the men begin fighting, however, the altercation escalates rapidly as one of the men throws a punch, misses, and rolls straight onto the tracks.


Instead of walking away from the battle, the other man then walks to the edge and reaches out his arm to help drag his opponent up to safety.

Men fighting on train platform (u/vThrowaway/Reddit)
Men fighting on train platform (u/vThrowaway/Reddit)

The post has since amassed more than 13,000 votes, and hundreds of comments, with users commenting on the video in relief and praise of the man for not turning his back on his opponent. One said: 'That's some art of war sh*t.;

Another wrote: 'Imma kill you son! ... Oh sh*t bro. Lemme help you up before you get hit by a train.'


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A third commented: 'He was my opponent not my enemy.'

At the end of the recording, the two men reconcile, with the man who ended up on the tracks seen on his hands and knees seemingly thanking his former opponent.

Two other men were captured caught up in a similar brawl, however this time, while onboard a train.


The two men can be seen swearing at each other, before getting into a seriously physical fight, throwing each other across the width of the carriage, leaving other passengers fleeing in their wake.

The passerby recording the video is asked to call the police as the men tussle on, one with their legs splayed in the air, leading to his shirt being ripped open.

However, like all good fights, the altercation soon comes to an end, and the men decide to unexpectedly call it even, left in a standstill facing one another before they decide to bizarrely embrace in a hug, setting aside whatever differences caused them to launch themselves at one another in the first place.

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