This Could Be The Most Insane Person On Tinder Ever


There’s no denying that you get some proper freaks on Tinder, who make you instantly regret your life choices as you swipe right.

But some don’t start out that way, oh no. Some seem pretty normal, that’s until you start messaging them and they begin to unravel before your very eyes.

One woman showed us all with her Tinder exchange that a potential date can go from completely normal to nuts in a matter of a couple of hours.

The Mirror reports a woman posted her conversation with a potential Tinder date who got pretty terrifying real quick after the woman cancelled their date.

Screenshots of the conversation were posted by user msmessyclean yesterday on Imgur with the title ‘Batshit Crazy Guy’. But even this title isn’t really enough to prepare you for the shit storm to come.

According to msmessyclean, the guy had ‘quirks’ from the get go, but she made the mistake of overlooking them as she exchanged numbers and spoke on the phone to arrange a future date.

But then things escalated very quickly and got extremely uncomfortable. Just in case you wanted some tips, here’s exactly what you don’t do if you want to successfully hook up with someone on Tinder.

According to msmessyclean, the messages and phone calls were over almost a two-and-a-half hour period.


I guess we will never know if something was said beforehand, but the first message from the guy appears to be asking her if she’s on birth control. Understandably she wants to cancel the date now as she’s a bit weirded out, but he soon apologises for his ‘joke’. But that’s when things get scary.

He starts by saying, “I actually had you double booked with another girl. So I’m kinda happy you decided to be a psycho.” Before seemingly changing his mind immediately, asking: “You sure you want to cancel it?”

The guy then bombards her with messages saying he’s ‘joking’, before claiming: “You do know I’m a doctor right? My brain thinks at a much higher level than yours or the average person.” Just, wow.


Just to top it all off he complains how hard it was for him to call out for the date. He then says his mum just died and he shouldn’t be ‘messed with’ right now.

You can see the whole exchange in all its cringeworthy glory below:

Batshit Crazy Guy

Maybe online dating isn’t the way to go.