Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Talk More Trash Before Weigh-In Scuffle


The day has finally arrived – UFC 196 is just hours away.

There is clearly no love lost between Conor McGregor and his opponent Nate Diaz following their minor brawl at the pre-fight press conference, and the fight nearly started early again at the weigh in.

After ‘The Notorious’ was confirmed at 168lbs he went to face off with Diaz once more – who yet again decided to take on McGregor at his own antagonistic game.

Dana White was clearly more prepared this time round.

But before yesterday’s weigh-ins, and following the press conference scuffle, the pair were given the chance to talk more shit about one another ahead of their Vegas bout.

They did not disappoint…

‘I’ll gut you like a fish’ – strong words from McGregor.

‘No one knows what a gazelle is anyway. This is America motherfucker get it right.’ – Not quite as on point from Diaz.

Clearly both agree that it is time for the talking to stop though. In an interview with CNBC the Diaz was so pissed off he simply walked out…

‘Who gives a fuck? What the fuck is this the money channel?’ – Clearly Nate wasn’t listening when the host said they’d talk money…