Conor McGregor Team-mate Paddy Holohan Forced To Actually Retire Young

Paddy Holohan/Facebook

In a cruel twist of fate, Conor McGregor’s SBG team-mate Paddy Holohan has been forced to retire from professional MMA.

The Irishman announced on Facebook that he is stepping away from fighting, effective immediately due to a blood disorder which he had hidden from the UFC.

The 27-year-old’s full statement:

I've known this announcement was coming for a week or more now and it has only felt worse the more I have thought about…

Posted by Paddy Holohan on Monday, April 25, 2016

Holohan emphasised the bitter nature of his condition -which only put himself at risk- by mentioning how known PED users have been allowed to continue in the sport.

He said:

[I am] Sad because I will never make that walk again, under those lights, feeling all those uncomfortable yet life giving feelings as they count and you hear “walk walk walk” staring into a camera, knowing millions are watching but most importantly the Irish are watching.

I am also disappointed because people who have cheated within the sport due to PEDs etc putting their opponents in extra danger will fight again, whereas for me it’s a genetic 1 in 5 million disorder that stops me dead in my tracks.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the factor XIII deficiency could lead to life-threatening bleeding.

‘The Hooligan’ is understandably uninsurable for his own safety, but that does very little to soften the blow.

We wish Holohan – who retires with a record of 12-2-1 – all the best for his future career.