Amy Schumer Ripped For Sharing 'Terrible' Joke That She Wasn't Allowed To Say At Oscars

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Amy Schumer Ripped For Sharing 'Terrible' Joke That She Wasn't Allowed To Say At Oscars
Amy Schumer Ripped For Sharing 'Terrible' Joke That She Wasn't Allowed To Say At Oscars (Credit: Alamy)

Amy Schumer has shared a joke she wasn't allowed to tell at the Oscars. It probably should have remained unheard.

The Trainwreck star hosted this year's Academy Awards alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. During the ceremony, she took a few jab at Leonardo DiCaprio, made light of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and orchestrated an awkward bit with Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

It was hardly a Ricky Gervais-level roasting, but there were a couple of jokes she was seemingly prohibited from saying: one involved a reference to Halyna Hutchins' tragic death on the set of Rust; and another was far cruder and, well, not very good.

Schumer recently performed a stand-up set at the Netflix Is a Joke festival, where she shared a joke the Oscars said no to.

She said: "My husband was going down on me. Or as he calls it, Squid Game. So, he’s in my Nightmare Alley. My House of Gucci. And I say, ‘C’mon C’mon.


"He goes Tick, tick... BOOM! He Belfast. I say, ‘get off my Dune’ and that’s how our son was born."

The clip was shared to social media, and it's been met with an overwhelmingly negative reception. One user wrote: "I can't see the joke, unless it is about her having sex and the description includes some movie names then god forbid what kind of joke is that?"

Another tweeted: "When does the joke start?", while a third tweeted: "This reads like a somehow more unfunny Big Bang Theory joke."


A fourth wrote: "Every two weeks theres an article about a joke Amy Schumer was supposed to tell at the Oscars and every single time it's the most abhorrent despicable atrocious joke ever told."

"I want Amy Schumer to reveal terrible cut jokes from the Oscars for the rest of her natural life," said another.

Others have rushed to Schumer's defence, with one writing: "This is an ironic joke guys. It’s a joke about her Alec Baldwin joke. This is not a joke she wasn’t allowed to say.

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"She came up with the corniest most Oscar appropriate joke possible on purpose and pretended like they stopped her from saying it. Y’all leave her alone."

Another wrote: "Don’t get why people hate her so much, this is genuinely hilarious."

For reference, the Baldwin joke was: "Don't Look Up is the name of a movie? More like don't look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin's shotgun."


However, Schumer has since denied she was ever planning on actually telling that joke at the Oscars.

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